TXCSOpen Challenge

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What it is

A unique algorithmic challenge. Teams receive an np-hard problem, a single large test case, and 5 days to design the best solution. Submit the output of your program rather than your program itself to be judged on the quality of your output.


  1. Use 7zip to compress your output file. The output file format will be specified in the challenge packet.
  2. Write your program in any language you'd like, or even do the challenge by hand if you're batty. You'll only need to submit the output.
  3. You can use any tools you have or can find on the web; the only restriction is that you can not collaborate with other teams in any way nor may you share or use shared challenge-specific information. Doing so will result in immediate disqualification.
  4. Don't use any illegitimate means to gain points, subject to moderator judgement.


We recommend brushing up on algorithms and data structures. You may also want to look at old HashCode problems for practice.