For At-Home UIL


Written Test

The test will be taken individually during any 45 minute period on May 7th. Team members do not have to test at the same time. There is no designated fourth tester as in UIL for logistics reasons. Using any resources not provided during a typical UIL test is strictly prohibited. It is difficult to monitor this, so we ask that teams preserve the integrity of the test. They're no prizes, so don’t bother cheating. The test will consist of 40 unmodified multiple choice questions, the same questions provided to us by UIL.Scoring for the multiple choice is slightly different to adjust for more hands-on questions. Each question correct is worth 9 points and each incorrect is -3 points. As usual, blank answers are +0.

Hands on Programming

The hands on programming portion will be taken as a group of at most three people during any 2 hour long period on May 8th. Competitors will be allowed to code simultaneously on their own machines, and are allowed to use the internet. They can collaborate with their two teammates and nobody else. There will be 18 problems to account for every competitor having their own computer. Each problem is still worth 60 points, and 5 points will be subtracted from the maximum for every unsuccessful attempt. Each submission has a time limit of 15 seconds before quitting.


Both halves of the competition will be equally weighted, the same as in normal UIL. However, to account for the increased number of questions on the hands on portion, each half is now out of 1080 points. Teams can check their rank on our live scoreboard.